I enjoy greatly having the opportunity to supervising and teaching at the university level. I believe that educating university students is a privilege and responsibility that should be taken seriously and with care. I believe that all students have the ability to be successful within their potential. Thus, I expect excellence from every student that steps into my office or classroom, and in return I strive to provide quality supervision or teaching.
As a supervisor and teacher, my main goal is to motivate and inspire students to think critically, develop ideas, design and execute research plans, and interpret research data. It is very important that students can discuss, defend and communicate their ideas to a wide audience. I believe that students become more engaged and learn more through active learning as opposed to passive listening. Therefore, I strive to incorporate hands-on laboratory work and activities throughout my courses. My main goal is to promote a learning environment where students play an active role in their own education and training, where two-way feedback is a large part of the learning and developmental process. I aim to promote independence in students, while at the same time, being there for support and to answer questions when help is needed. An active learning environment will strengthen skills, deepen knowledge and build confidence in students.
I believe that, in addition to expecting excellence from my students, I should display excellence through my supervision and teaching. One way to do this is to continue to grow and learn as an active neuroscientist. Another way that I strive to do this is by honestly evaluating myself as a supervisor and teacher, soliciting feedback from my students and peers, and making appropriate changes when necessary.
Some of my teaching activities at Aarhus University are described below. I also give a series of public talks in the local community, reaching beyond the university.